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Commercial Building Alternative Uses

Attract New Tenants with These 5 Alternative Uses for Vacant Commercial Space

If you’re struggling to fill vacant commercial building alternative uses this year, you’re not alone. Many commercial property owners are finding it challenging to attract traditional tenants for their offices, retail, industry, and other space.

To survive in a hard market, it is important to think outside the box. Here are a few alternative uses for vacant commercial space that could help you land your next loyal tenant.

Commercial Building Alternative Uses

1. Life Science Labs

Life science companies require a mix of office and laboratory space. If you’re willing to work with the tenant on the build-out, your vacant office space may be the perfect future home a biotechnology, food processing, or medical device firm. Your existing building may be a more attractive option to the right company than ground-up new construction.

2. Medtail

In a similar vein, your retail space may be the ideal home for a new medical office. The medtail model puts outpatient services in a retail setting. Not only is this convenient for consumers, it can open up an entire new tenant market for you. Medtail build-outs are relatively straightforward, and the new tenant may attract other medical businesses to your property. 

3. Eatertainment

It’s eating. It’s entertainment. It’s eatertainment. The Twin Cities is home to several eatertainment venues (think CanCan Wonderland in St. Paul or Punch Bowl Social in the West End). If you have a big space to fill, a tenant that plans to combine a restaurant or bar with sports, music, or other social activities might be the perfect fit. 

4. Glamping

If you have vacant land in a rural area that is awaiting development, consider marketing your property to potential glamping tenants. Glamping, or glamorous camping, is an increasingly popular way for non-outdoorsy people to enjoy the outdoors. Your acreage may be the ideal spot to attract vacationers.   

5. Pickleball

Pickleball was 2023’s fastest-growing sport in the United States, so why not capitalize on the trend? Pickleball courts are popping up in empty big-box stores and other properties with tens of thousands of square feet.   This is a great opportunity for commercial real estate owners looking to repurpose their vacant spaces.

For those who are unfamiliar, pickleball is a racquet sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. It can be played both indoors and outdoors on a smaller court than traditional tennis, making it accessible for all ages and skill levels. The game’s popularity has exploded in recent years due to its ease of play and social nature.

With the rise in demand for pickleball courts, Commercial Building Alternative Uses owners are taking advantage of this trend by converting unused spaces into dedicated pickleball facilities. These spaces can range from empty storefronts to large warehouse buildings – as long as there is enough space to fit the necessary dimensions of a pickleball court.

For businesses looking to attract more customers or provide additional amenities for their tenants, adding a pickleball court can be a smart investment. Not only does it offer a unique and fun activity for patrons and residents, but it also presents opportunities for hosting events and tournaments that can bring in revenue.

Pickleball courts can also be a valuable addition to hotels and resorts, providing guests with another form of entertainment during their stay. They can even be used as an attraction for corporate team-building activities or family gatherings.

If you’re struggling to attract tenants, Clarity Commercial is here to help. Our property managers can help you market your portfolio and find the ideal tenant, even if they are outside the box. Contact Us Clarity Commercial today for expert property management advice.

Commercial Building Alternative Uses

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3 Ideas on How to Retain Commercial Tenants

How to retain commercial tenants is a major concern for most commercial property owners. To do so, you must discover the things that keep current tenants happy and attract new ones. Here are three ideas on how you can keep your current tenants happy so they’re more likely to renew their lease with you.

1. Build Professional Relationships with Tenants to Retain Commercial Tenants

If rent collection is the only interaction you have with your tenants, your relationship with them is likely neutral at best. You can build your relationship with your tenants by taking time to learn about their business and their needs for their space within your building. Take their calls and give them a heads-up when you need to access their space for maintenance and repairs.

You can also build your relationship with your tenants by asking them what they love about your property and what you could do to improve the tenant experience. Then, act on their advice. Investing a little in them makes it more likely that they’ll be loyal tenants for years to come.

2. Make Property Improvements

All buildings require ongoing care to operate efficiently and reliably. Retain commercial tenants by showing that you’re dedicated to keeping your property safe, functional, and attractive for them and their visitors.

Maintenance and improvements should be part of your annual budget for every one of your properties. If it’s been a few years since you’ve updated the common spaces in your office building or if the landscaping around your property is looking rundown, invest in some upgrades. Not only will this help your tenants attract new business, you’ll likely attract a few new tenants yourself.

3. Hire a Professional Property Management Company

If you’re a busy property owner managing multiple locations and dozens of tenants, partnering with a professional property management company is a necessity. Clarity Commercial can help you build and manage your tenant relationships, from finding new tenants and responding to their maintenance requests to lease renewals.

A happy tenant is a lease-paying tenant. Clarity Commercial can help you find great tenants, build professional relationships, and maintain your property to keep your tenants happy for years to come. Contact us today to discover if partnering with us would be a good fit for your property.


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Commercial Real Estate - Property Maintenance - Property Maintenance

Plan Now for 2023 Property Maintenance

Planning for your portfolio’s routine property  maintenance and scheduled updates can help you manage your cash flow and keep your tenants happy. Now is a great time to plan for your 2023 property maintenance.

Schedule Your Walkthroughs Now for Property Maintenance Scheduling

Walkthroughs help you keep a pulse on each of your properties. You can perform your walkthroughs yourself or outsource them to your property management team. We suggest walking through each of your properties at least once a quarter. Now is a good time to get all of your 2023 walkthroughs on your calendar.

During a walkthrough, look for obvious signs of damage as well as routing maintenance tasks that need to be completed, such as replacing light bulbs, checking smoke detectors, and replacing HVAC filters. Be ready to interact with your tenants and respond to their urgent requests.

Arrange Regular Cleaning Services

Every portfolio benefits from regular reviews of maintenance vendors. Whether you already have a cleaning service you trust or you’re on the hunt for a new relationship, reviewing your current cleaning needs and adjusting your contract can help you manage expenses while continuing to keep your tenants happy.

If you have a commercial cleaning service, be sure to confirm that your properties are on their schedule for 2023. Be sure to ask them if their services or rates have changed since last year. Then, confirm when you can expect them to visit your properties, whether it’s weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance Visits

While you’re arranging your cleaning services, be sure to reach out to your HVAC vendor and schedule your 2023 maintenance visits. When it is -20 degrees outside, no one wants to get a surprise HVAC issue.

When you’re scheduling your routine HVAC maintenance, confirm that your service provider is available for emergency repairs and maintenance. Don’t forget to ask about any rate increases so you’re not surprised if and when an HVAC emergency occurs.

Confirm Snow Removal and Landscaping Services

As you’re making your calls to your cleaning and HVAC providers, add your landscaping and snow removal company to the list. Exterior maintenance is as important as interior maintenance. Your properties’ curb appeal helps you attract and retain tenants. Regular exterior maintenance helps you avoid more costly repairs down the road, too.

On your call, confirm your properties are on the vendor’s list for snow removal. Then, ask them when you can expect spring cleanup and regular warm-weather maintenance to start.

Plan for Investments in Updates and Upgrades

When you’re budgeting, it’s important to not only plan for routine maintenance costs but also for anticipated updates and upgrades to your properties’ mechanical systems, exterior features, and interior finishes. They may include a new HVAC system, updated windows, a new roof, or replacing the flooring throughout a building. All of these costs are normal and should be expected, which is why they should be a part of your budgeting and forecasting planning.

Commercial property maintenance can be a full-time job, especially if you own more than one property. That’s why many property owners outsource maintenance to a professional commercial property management company like Clarity Commercial. To work with one of our professional property managers, contact Clarity Commercial today.

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Subcontractors You Want on Your Team

One of the primary responsibilities of a commercial property management company is the hiring and management of onsite workers. Hiring subcontractors rather than part-time or full-time employees saves money, is easier on HR, and ensures you get the best quality and timely work possible.

Here are a few of the types of subcontractors Clarity Commercial finds, vets, hires, and manages as part of our property management services. These are the professionals you need on your team to help you maintain and manage your properties.

Building Maintenance Crew with Subcontractors

Your building maintenance crew is onsite regularly to ensure your property remains in good working order. Your crew makes sure common areas are clean and functional and addresses tenant maintenance and repair requests. Depending on the needs of your building and your tenants, you may require a single crewmember or an entire team to keep up with maintenance and repair demands.

Mechanical Professionals

Periodically, your property’s mechanical systems require maintenance and repair. For most property owners, subcontractors are the right choice for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other mechanical work. Clarity Commercial works with only the best mechanical pros in the Twin Cities to ensure our customers’ mechanical systems are properly maintained.

Landscaping and Snow Removal Crew

All Minnesota property owners need great landscaping and snow removal crews on their list of subcontractors. Your property’s landscaping plays a role in attracting and retaining tenants, so hiring a competent landscaping crew is important. In the winter months, working with a reliable snow removal team ensures your driveway, parking lot, walkways, and entryways are clear and safe.

Window Washing Professionals

Your property’s large windows are a selling feature. Regular window washing keeps them clean and clear. Most commercial property windows are too large for someone to do on their own without the proper safety equipment. A window washing crew that comes out a few times a year can make sure your building looks great.

Finding, hiring, and managing subcontractors is a job all its own. Trust commercial property manager Clarity Commercial to find, vet, and manage the subcontractors you need to keep your property working and looking its best. Contact us today to get started.

For more information or to request a free estimate, visit their website at or give us a call at (952) 370-224-2699.

Affiliations & Credentials: We are proud members of IREM, CCIM and MNCAR along with various professional organizations and hold relevant certifications in the real estate management field. Our affiliations and credentials demonstrate our commitment to excellence and our ongoing efforts to stay up-to-date with industry best practices.

Building Strong Tenant Relationships

4 Tips for Building Strong Tenant Relationships

Medical - Tips for Building Strong Tenant Relationships

Every commercial landlord wants to have happy, long-term, paying commercial real estate tenants. Just like anything worth having, building strong tenant relationships with your tenants takes work. Here are Clarity Commercial’s top tips to strengthen the relationships you have with your tenants to ensure they stay happy, long-term tenants who pay the rent on time.

Communicate Regularly to Building Strong Tenant Relationships

Open and honest communication is the foundation of a strong tenant-landlord or tenant-management relationship. During lease negotiations, be clear about the expectations tenants can have for you regarding when, how, and how often you’ll communicate with them, and vice versa.

Tenants are busy people just like you, so use a variety of methods to reach out to them. Letters in the mailbox or under the door, phone calls, emails, and texts are all effective ways to keep in touch with your tenants. You may also consider using a property management app to manage your communication with tenants.

Be Firm Yet Fair

Your property is a business, and your tenants have all signed agreements with you to pay rent every month for a certain length of time. As last year taught us, life happens. When dealing with tenants on any issue, but especially on issues regarding payment, it helps to be firm yet fair and empathetic. You and your tenants are not adversaries. If an issue arises, work together to find a solution.

Maintain and Repair Tenant Spaces: Tips for Building Strong Tenant Relationships

You expect your tenants to pay on time and be considerate to their neighbors and to you. In return, they should trust that you will answer their questions and address their requests and concerns directly, quickly, and professionally. Take maintenance and repair requests seriously and solve them the right way the first time. Implement a property improvement plan that includes property updates and upgrades to anticipate and prevent future tenant complaints.

Be Interested in Your Tenants’ Success

Your tenants are business owners, just like you. Be interested in and invested in their success. The more successful they are, the more likely they are to continue to rent space from you and possibly even expand their footprint. Your interest in their success will also make it easier for them to recommend you to the other business owners in their networks.

Building strong tenant relationships takes work, but it pays off in timely rent payments and happy, long-term tenants. For help building and maintaining strong relationships with your tenants, partner with commercial property management company Clarity Commercial.

For more information or to request a free estimate, visit their website at or give us a call at (952) 370-224-2699.

Affiliations & Credentials: We are proud members of IREM, CCIM and MNCAR along with various professional organizations and hold relevant certifications in the real estate management field. Our affiliations and credentials demonstrate our commitment to excellence and our ongoing efforts to stay up-to-date with industry best practices.