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Attract New Tenants with These 5 Alternative Uses for Vacant Commercial Space

Commercial Building Alternative Uses

If you’re struggling to fill vacant commercial space this year, you’re not alone. Many commercial property owners are finding it challenging to attract traditional tenants for their offices, retail, industry, and other space.

To survive in a hard market, it is important to think outside the box. Here are a few alternative uses for vacant commercial space that could help you land your next loyal tenant.

1. Life Science Labs

Life science companies require a mix of office and laboratory space. If you’re willing to work with the tenant on the build-out, your vacant office space may be the perfect future home a biotechnology, food processing, or medical device firm. Your existing building may be a more attractive option to the right company than ground-up new construction.

2. Medtail

In a similar vein, your retail space may be the ideal home for a new medical office. The medtail model puts outpatient services in a retail setting. Not only is this convenient for consumers, it can open up an entire new tenant market for you. Medtail build-outs are relatively straightforward, and the new tenant may attract other medical businesses to your property. 

3. Eatertainment

It’s eating. It’s entertainment. It’s eatertainment. The Twin Cities is home to several eatertainment venues (think CanCan Wonderland in St. Paul or Punch Bowl Social in the West End). If you have a big space to fill, a tenant that plans to combine a restaurant or bar with sports, music, or other social activities might be the perfect fit. 

4. Glamping

If you have vacant land in a rural area that is awaiting development, consider marketing your property to potential glamping tenants. Glamping, or glamorous camping, is an increasingly popular way for non-outdoorsy people to enjoy the outdoors. Your acreage may be the ideal spot to attract vacationers.   

5. Pickleball

Pickleball was 2023’s fastest-growing sport in the United States, so why not capitalize on the trend? Pickleball courts are popping up in empty big-box stores and other properties with tens of thousands of square feet.  

If you’re struggling to attract tenants, Clarity Commercial is here to help. Our property managers can help you market your portfolio and find the ideal tenant, even if they are outside the box. Contact Clarity Commercial today for expert property management advice.