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Fall Cleanup for Commercial Properties in Minnesota

Have you noticed the uptick in landscaping crews out and about recently? It’s go time in Minnesota for fall cleanup for commercial properties. October and November are the prime months for getting your commercial landscaping cleaned up and ready for winter. Here is what you can expect from your landscaping company when they perform fall cleanup at your property.

1. Remove Leaves

Raking leaves is an autumn ritual in Minnesota, one that homeowners and commercial landscapers alike will perform several times before the trees stop dropping their leaves. Expect your landscaping crew to remove leaves from your property every two weeks through October and November. Removing leaves from your property improves soil health, reduces the chance of a slip and fall accident on walkways, and ensures your gutters and drains remain clear throughout the season.

2. Mow and Fertilize Your Grass

After they remove your leaves, your commercial landscaping crew will mow your grass. Grass grows until the first hard frost, which usually happens in October. At some point in October and November, they will also fertilize your lawn. They may overseed and aerate it to encourage fuller growth. This prepares your grass for a healthy season next year.

3. Prune Perennials

One of the last fall cleanup tasks your landscaping company will perform is pruning back your property’s perennials. Deadheading flowers and removing dead foliage increases airflow to the soil and reduces the chances of disease. Environmentally savvy landscapers may choose to keep some of your perennials intact during pruning to create habitat for bees and other beneficial insects to overwinter.

4. Tree and Shrub Care

Your landscaping crew will give the larger plants on your property some attention, too. Fall is a good time to prune many species of shrubs and trees. Your landscaping crew may trim back branches that are obstructing walkways or electrical wires or are getting too close to your building. If a tree on your property requires removal, they may bring in a tree removal team to safely and expertly remove the tree.

5. Prepare Your Property for Winter

Once their last fall cleanup task is complete, don’t be surprised if your landscaping company drops off snow shovels, ice melt, sand, and other snow and ice removal supplies. You may see snow plow markers show up along the edges of your parking lot to guide plows when the first flakes arrive. When you see these items appear, it is a good time to confirm that you’re on your snow removal company’s schedule for the upcoming season.

Landscaping and fall cleanup are just a few of the services Clarity Commercial can coordinate for you as your property management company. To partner with us and our landscaping vendors, contact Clarity Commercial today.


Selecting a Minnesota Commercial Snow Removal Company

Winter weather has arrived in Minnesota, and with it the guarantee of snow and ice for the next few months. Commercial snow removal companies are ready to kick into gear. If you haven’t contracted with a snow removal company yet, Clarity Commercial has a few tips on how to choose the right contractor for you. These are the things we consider when we select a commercial snow removal company for our property management clients.

Understand the Services the Commercial Snow Removal Company Offers

The first thing you need to gain clarity on are the types of services a commercial snow removal company offers. Not all snow removal services are the same. Some are large operations with a fleet of trucks and dozens of employees. Others are owner-operator endeavors with a truck with a plow, a snowblower, and a shovel. Both are good options depending on your needs.

As you interview different snow removal professionals, ask if they are able to perform every service your property requires. Confirm that they are equipped to plow your parking lot, driveway, and sidewalks, as needed. Inquire about their deicing services for your surfaces, too. Double-check that the company will promptly and repeatedly come out to salt your sidewalks and walkways, as you could be held liable for a visitor or employee’s slip and fall accident if you leave these areas untreated.

Negotiate a Snow Removal Contract and Set Expectations

Once you’ve settled on a commercial snow removal company for your property, it is time to negotiate the contract and set your expectations. Your snow removal contract should stipulate required services as well as when you can expect the company to show up at your property. It should outline how soon after a storm snow removal will occur as well as any preventative measures the company will take to prevent icy surfaces before a storm hits. Your contract should also include what happens to the removed snow. Will the company push it to a certain area of your property or haul it away? Confirm how you will get in touch with the snow removal company if an issue arises or you have an acute need for snow and ice removal.

Confirm the Snow Removal Company Is Insured

This last point is often overlooked. Many property owners assume the contractors they work with are insured. Since failing to remove snow and ice can leave you open to risk, you need to confirm that the commercial snow removal company you are considered is properly insured for snow removal services. Any reputable company will be happy to share this information with you.

Old Man Winter is already knocking on Minnesota’s door. For help finding commercial snow removal services for your property, contact the professionals at Clarity Commercial today