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Minnesota Commercial Snow Removal Service

Snow Removal Service: What to Look for in a Minnesota Commercial Properties

While it may not feel like it at the moment, winter is coming to Minnesota, bringing with it snow, ice, and wind. Commercial snow removal service companies are ready to help keep your parking lot and walkways clear and safe.

If you are searching for a commercial snow removal service, Clarity Commercial has a few tips on how to choose the right contractor for your property. Here are a few things we consider when selecting a commercial snow removal service for the properties we manage:.

Find a Snow Removal Service That Fits Your Exact Needs

Not all snow removal services are alike. Some companies operate a fleet of trucks and employ dozens of workers who can make quick work of a large parking lot or extensive walkways. Other snow removal service providers are owner-operators with a truck with a plow, a snowblower, and a shovel.

Both can be good options, depending on your property’s needs. In your discussions with potential service providers, confirm they can perform every service your property requires. They should be equipped to plow your parking lot, driveway, and sidewalks as needed. Double-check that the company will promptly and repeatedly come out to salt your sidewalks and walkways, as you could be held liable for a visitor or employee’s slip and fall accident if you leave these areas untreated.

Common Snow Removal Service Contract Stipulations

Your Minnesota Commercial Snow Removal Service contract should stipulate all of your required services as well as the timeline for when you can expect your snow removal team to show up after a storm. It should also include any preventative measures the service provider will take to prevent icy surfaces before a storm hits. Your contract should also include what happens to the removed snow. For example, will the company push it to a certain area of your property or haul it away? Remember to confirm how you will get in touch with the company if an issue arises or you have an acute need for snow and ice removal.

Look for an Insured Service Provider

Many property owners assume the contractors they work with are insured, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Since failing to remove snow and ice can leave you open to risk, you need to confirm that the commercial snow removal company you are considering is properly insured for a snow removal service contract. Any reputable company will be happy to share this information with you.

Winter is here, and snow and ice are on the way. For help finding commercial snow removal services for your property, Contact Us the professionals at Clarity Commercial Today.

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