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Tyler Sutton

Tyler Sutton joined the Clarity team in July 2021.  Tyler works in the accounting department for Clarity and has 2+ years of experience in the accounting field working in the Corporate Income Tax Department of Starkey.

Tyler has experience in a wide variety of fields throughout his career, accounting, legal, construction, and truss manufacturing/assembly.  Through this variety, Tyler has become highly proficient in many different skillsets such as, troubleshooting/problem solving, system optimization, critical thinking, computer skills, and accounting.  With a strong effort of increasing productivity and making a lasting, positive impact on operational functions, Tyler is constantly striving to improve efficiency by optimizing existing and creating new systems. Tyler has completed most of his 2-year associate degree in accounting at Hennepin Technical College.  As an avid golfer and fisherman, Tyler can either be found on the golf course or on his kayak catching bass for sport.  Tyler also enjoys spending time with his family and friends.