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Upgrade to Cloud-Based Access Control

Upgrade to Cloud-Based Access Control

Securing your commercial property is an ongoing concern, especially if you have tenants and their customers and other visitors coming and going from your property. Whether you own a warehouse in the north metro or an apartment building downtown, a cloud-based access control system can help you stay on top of your visitors and keep your property secure.

Cloud-Based Security Has Gone Mainstream

Cloud-based security systems are popular access control solutions for commercial properties. Cloud-based systems can integrate several different layers of security, from alarm and access control systems to security cameras and CCTV. What’s more, you can add sensors and other security equipment to a cloud-based system. If you are growing your business or are a landlord with average to high tenant turnover, cloud-based access control may be the solution you’re looking for.

In a cloud-based system, you manage who has access to your property through an online dashboard. You can assign and revoke access to all or parts of your property and review who’s coming and going. Cloud-based video storage makes it easy and affordable to keep and review footage from security cameras anytime, anywhere.

Cloud-Based Access Control for Tenant Management

If you own a property with multiple tenants, a cloud-based security system is a great option for you. Many systems operate via a smartphone app, which means you do not have to invest in hundreds of key cards that can get lost or stolen. Instead, tenants download the app, and you simply authorize your tenants as users. The app automatically unlocks doors for them via Bluetooth. Since it’s cloud-based, you can assign or revoke access instantly and monitor who enters and leaves your building in real time.

If you’re considering adding or upgrading a security system on your commercial property, Clarity Commercial is here to help. Our property managers have years of experience advising property owners on how to find the security system that keeps their property secure without breaking the bank. Contact us today for help.

Cloud-Based Access Control -

All About Cloud-Based Access Control

Commercial properties have experienced a lot of change these last few years. Tenants have moved out and new ones have moved in. Other tenants have dramatically changed how, when, and where their employees work. Visitors to retail shops, medical clinics, and other businesses have ebbed and flowed.

All of these changes have challenged landlords and tenants alike to find new access control solutions. It may seem like a minor concern, but having the right access control system can make your life as a landlord or tenant much easier. Conversely, using a system that no longer serves you and how you work can interrupt productivity and create frustration. Clarity Commercial is here to help you find the cloud-based access control system that fits your current needs.

What is access control?

Access control is the term for the systems, processes, and policies that physically secure your commercial space. Access control systems can be as simple as a lock and key. But increasingly, access control systems include much, much more.

In the wake of remote work and high tenant turnover, many companies are choosing to upgrade their access control from master key systems or electronic fobs to systems that can be monitored and managed remotely. These systems offer landlords flexibility in authorizing and revoking access as tenants come and go, and offer tenants the same flexibility when deciding whom to allow to access their space.

What is cloud-based access control?

Cloud-based access control systems allow landlords and tenants to monitor and manage access to their spaces remotely from an online dashboard. Many cloud-based systems have swapped physical keycards for Bluetooth-powered access provided by a cellphone app. For landlords, this a huge timesaver, as they no longer have to spend hours coordinating keycards with tenants or tracking down lost or stolen fobs. For tenants, these systems make access to their spaces a breeze.

Cloud-based access control systems also make it easy to manage authorized visitors. Access can be given or revoked instantly through the online dashboard. Many systems offer temporary passes for visitors, too, which makes it easy to grant access to maintenance and repair crews and other contractors.

How can Clarity Commercial help?

Clarity Commercial can help landlords and tenants choose the cloud-based access control system that fits their needs. Our expert property management team can even take access control management off your plate as needed.

For professional property management help from Minnesota’s best commercial property management team, get in touch with Clarity Commercial today.